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For over 20 years, Kathleen Spicer as a Chartered Accountant and registered Tax Agent has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses streamline their accounting and bookkeeping processes.

Our experienced team complete a range of accounting, taxation and bookkeeping services. Details on many of these are listed on this page. For more information on these and many other services we offer, please call Kathleen today.

Part of our professional service is to liaise with third parties including:

  • Financial Planners
  • Bookkeepers
  • Lenders/Financial Institutions
  • Solicitors/Lawyers

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Income tax returns

For individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts, and superannuation funds, submit your papers to us via your choice of electronic, hard copies or we can meet with you.

All Individual Tax return clients receive an easy to follow checklist which includes all items you’ll need to include in your tax return. Our clients tell us this check list saves them time and stress.

Tax Advice & Planning

Income tax, Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Fringe Benefits Tax, allowable deductions, inter-entity loans, Director’s benefits and loans, and more.

Tax law and compliance can be a complex business. Kathleen assists you to structure your affairs to maximise your gains and legally minimise the amount of tax you need to pay to the ATO. We also help you to meet your tax obligations and avoid costly penalties for non-compliance.

Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Instalment Activity Statements (IAS)

Assisting with the timely and accurate preparation and lodgement of your BAS and IAS.

Financial Reporting

Preparation of Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Depreciation Schedules, and more.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

Self-managed Super Funds can provide you more control over your retirement planning and investments. But you also have to deal with more Government regulation. Kathleen Spicer ensures that you comply with all your regulatory obligations and helps you get the most out of your superannuation.

Corporate Secretarial Services – helping business owners and Directors to meet their compliance obligations with ASIC, including notifications of changes.

Audit Insurance

Every day, the ATO complete a range of hi-tech data screenings which may result in an audit of your files.

These “screenings” can focus on more than tax returns. They may include GST, BAS, PAYG Withholding, Fringe Benefits, Land Tax, WorkCover, SMSF’s and more.

Anyone can be targeted, even if lodgements are accurate. Audits are not a reflection on the quality of work and will result in additional administration and professional service charges to you.

Our clients can protect themselves from the additional accounting costs an ATO audit can incur with our “Audit Shield Service”. It works like an insurance policy. You pay a small premium each year. If you receive an audit, enquiry or investigation from the ATO, all our professional and bookkeeping fees, plus any third party advice needed, including legal services required to complete the audit, are covered.

Audit Shield is retrospective, so all previously lodged returns, which may not have been completed by Kathleen, are covered.

Different levels of cover are available, for more details, please speak with us today.


As an accredited partner and payroll advisor for Xero, we can also complete your payroll. Many trades and professionals turn to us to for payroll advice.

Our services range from providing advice to your own payroll manager, to completing your weekly payroll process.

Business Advisory Services

Our team reviews your business accounts which enables us to provide analysis on a range of important business metrics, including if your stock turnover is within business norms.

By setting up your accounting program correctly, you’ll have access to this analysis every day.

There are many areas we can help in your business. We can provide advice or complete a range of important services for you. These include:

  • Financial Health Checks
  • Business Value indicators
  • Board of advice meetings
  • Debtor / Creditor reviews
  • Cash flow management
  • Profitability of your business
  • Inventory / WIP Management
  • Performance to business KPI’s
  • Pre-lending assessments
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Asset management including return on investment
  • Other measurements as identified

Custodial Services

Many elderly Australian’s can still look after themselves and enjoy their independence. However, when it comes to finances, this can often be overlooked. In these cases, many siblings, extended family or close friends are unable, or unsure how to manage their day to day financials.

A custodial service is when an entity or individual manages someone’s property or money on their behalf. The custodian is responsible for the safety of the financial products. This service is ideal for the elderly, or any time poor people who don’t want a bookkeeper, but want to have their paper work managed, by a trusted, qualified third party.

This service frees up family members time and reduces arguments between siblings. By having a third party manage daily financial matters, family members can focus on the bigger financial issues with clarity and support.

All communications, including tax returns and income expenses are processed in the office of Kathleen Spicer Chartered Accountant. This service also assists with the individual remaining independent and staying in their home.

Our Custodial Services can include:

  • Sending quarterly reports to all custodians in relation to a range of financial matters including a summary statement of income and expenses.
  • Re-directing specific mail, including bills, financial statements, to our office. We can pay bills for you, or if you’d prefer to pay these yourself, on behalf of your custodian, we’ll provide bill reminders.
  • Any matter that requires a decision or signature, are passed to custodians
  • Monitoring bank accounts, enables early detection of any unusual activity. We alert you if we identify any unusual spending patterns.

We send regular reports to each appointed custodian and make contact whenever an issue or concern arises. For more details, please call our office today.

Accounting Software Management

As accredited professional partner with leading accounting software including Xero, Reckon & MYOB, our team have expert knowledge and receive regular training. They are always up to date with software developments and enhancements.

There are so many benefits of using accounting software, and our knowledge will help you maximise these, including:

  • Simplifying your data entry
  • Reducing time you spend on key processes, including invoicing and document retrieval
  • Automation of reports
  • Reducing errors
  • Integration with a range of providers including online banking
  • Assisting with the timely and accurate preparation and lodgement of your BAS and IAS.
  • Other areas as defined

Other services

Please feel free to contact Kathleen and discuss any other assistance you require.